When Someone Dies Can They Come Back to See You?


Have you ever wondered if your loved ones who have passed away can actually come back and visit you? It’s a question that has intrigued people for centuries. While some believe in the ability of spirits to return, others dismiss it as pure fantasy.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of visitations from the deceased and examine various perspectives on this fascinating topic.

Get ready to dive into a realm where the line between the physical and the metaphysical blurs, leaving you to ponder the possibilities.


Key Takeaways

  • While rare, there are accounts of Near Death Experience (NDE) where people report seeing or sensing the presence of deceased loved ones. These experiences provide comfort to some, but their validity is difficult to prove scientifically. They are highly subjective and personal.
  • Most religions teach that after death, the soul/spirit moves on to another realm or state of existence. The ability for the deceased to revisit the living depends on the specific religious/spiritual beliefs. Some faiths are more open to this possibility than others.
  • Our current understanding is that bodily death is the permanent cessation of the biological functions that sustain life. Paranormal claims about visiting from the dead have not been conclusively proven.

Do People Forget About the Physical World After Death?


Many religions and spiritual beliefs hold that after someone dies, their soul or consciousness transcends the physical world and enters into a different plane of existence. From this perspective, the deceased would essentially forget about or leave behind the material world they knew during their earthly life.

However, certain belief systems suggest that the souls of the departed can still observe or even influence events on the physical plane to some degree.

There are numerous anecdotal accounts from people who claim to have encountered or felt the presence of deceased loved ones, implying the deceased have not completely severed ties with the physical realm.

Skeptics would argue that such experiences are more likely psychological coping mechanisms or projections rather than genuine interactions with souls from beyond.

Ultimately, since little is definitively known about the afterlife, the question of whether the dead forget the physical world remains a matter of faith, personal experience, and individual interpretation.

As with many existential queries, the answer may lie beyond the constraints of empirical evidence accessible to the living.

Research on near-death experiences, in which persons who have experienced near-death have reported experiences of consciousness, such as seeing deceased loved ones, lends weight to this notion.

When Someone Dies Can They Come Back To See You?

When someone dies, their physical body ceases to function, and they depart from this world. Many religions and spiritual beliefs hold that the soul or consciousness continues to exist in some form after death.

Some people believe that the souls of the deceased can sometimes manifest or communicate with the living, either directly or through signs, visions, voices and dreams.

1. Dreams

One of the most common ways our deceased loved ones reach out to us is through dreams. These dreams often feel vivid and realistic, as if our loved ones are right there with us. They may bring messages of love, guidance, or simply offer a sense of reassurance. Pay attention to these dreams, as they may hold deep meaning and provide a sense of connection.

2. Visions

Visions occur when we see our deceased loved ones with our waking eyes. These visions can manifest as fleeting glimpses, ethereal apparitions, or even full-bodied appearances. While some may dismiss these experiences as mere figments of imagination, for others, they are powerful validations of the presence of their loved ones.

3. Physical Appearance

In some cases, the spirits of our loved ones can manifest in physical form. These appearances may range from feeling a gentle touch or a warm embrace to witnessing objects move or hearing footsteps. Such encounters can be both comforting and unnerving, as they blur the line between the realms of the living and the dead.

4. Spiritual Tokens

Our deceased loved ones often leave behind spiritual tokens as a way to let us know they are still with us. These tokens can be anything from finding feathers, seeing specific symbols or objects repeatedly, or even experiencing sudden shifts in temperature. Pay attention to these signs, as they may hold special significance.

5. Voices

Hearing the voice of a loved one who has passed can be a profound experience. These auditory encounters may range from hearing their voice in our minds, as if they are speaking directly to us, to capturing their voice on recordings or hearing their name being called out. While these encounters can be fleeting, they can provide immense comfort and reassurance.

6. Other Forms

There are numerous other ways in which our dead loved ones can communicate with us. These may include manipulating electronic devices, sending messages through mediums or psychics, or even influencing the behavior of animals. Each form of communication is unique and deeply personal, and it is important to remain open to the possibility of these encounters.

Ways Our Dead Loved Ones Can Talk to Us

There is no scientific evidence that deceased loved ones can communicate with the living. However, many people find solace in certain beliefs and practices that provide a sense of connection or continued bond with those who have passed away.

Some common examples include:

  • Dreams: Some people believe that their deceased loved ones visit them or send messages through vivid dreams or dream visions.
  • Signs and Synchronicities: Interpreting certain coincidences, like seeing recurring numbers or objects associated with the deceased, as signs or messages from them.
  • Mediums and Psychics: Consulting mediums or psychics who claim to have the ability to communicate with spirits or relay messages from the deceased.
  • Sensing Presences: Feeling an unexplained presence, fragrances, or sensations attributed to the deceased loved one’s spirit.
  • Channeling and Automatic Writing: The belief that the deceased can influence or guide the writing process to convey messages.
  • Religious and Cultural Beliefs: Various religions and cultures have traditions and beliefs about the ability to communicate with the deceased through rituals, prayers, or ceremonies.

How Do I Know If I’m Being Visited By Someone Who Died?

Experiencing the presence of a deceased loved one can be both comforting and unsettling. It is essential to approach these encounters with an open mind and heart, allowing yourself to be receptive to the signs and messages being conveyed.

Here are some indicators that you may be visited by someone who has passed away:

  • Intuitive Knowing: You may have a strong gut feeling or a deep sense of knowing that your loved one is present.
  • Synchronicities: Pay attention to meaningful coincidences or patterns that seem to be too precise to dismiss as mere chance.
  • Emotional Connection: If you suddenly feel an overwhelming surge of emotions that are strongly associated with your deceased loved one, it could be a sign of their presence.
  • Unexplained Phenomena: Be attentive to unexplainable events or occurrences that seem to be linked to your loved one, such as flickering lights or objects moving on their own.

Remember, the signs and messages from the deceased are highly personal and can vary greatly from person to person. Trust your instincts and intuition, and seek comfort in the connection you feel with your loved one.

Examples of Incidents Where Dead People Return to Earth

Near-Death Experiences:

  1. Tony Cicoria felt like he left his body during a lightning storm in 1994. He saw his own body on the ground before coming back to it. [source]
  2. Anita Moorjani went into a coma from cancer in 2006. She had an experience of peace and love before waking up from the coma. [source]

Pronounced Dead but Revived:

  1. Some people who were pronounced dead but then revived report seeing bright lights, meeting relatives who died, and feeling free from worries. [source]

Unusual Cases:

  1. At his funeral in Peru, people thought Watson Franklin was breathing in his coffin. He was taken to the hospital where he was confirmed dead again. [source]
  2. In Egypt, Ali Abdel-Rahim woke up in the mortuary refrigerator after being pronounced dead. He grabbed an attendant to show he was alive. [source]

These are examples of people who seemed to come back to life after dying or having a near-death experience. They provide interesting stories about what may happen after we die.

Final Words

The question of whether someone who has died can come back to see you is a deeply personal and complex one.

While there is no definitive answer, countless individuals have experienced profound encounters and signs that suggest a continued connection with their deceased loved ones.

Whether through dreams, visions, physical appearances, or other forms of communication, these interactions offer solace and a sense of ongoing presence.

Embrace the signs and messages that come your way, and find comfort in the knowledge that love transcends the boundaries of life and death.

If you have experienced the presence of a loved one who has passed away, share your story with us in the comments below. We would love to hear about your unique experiences and the ways in which you have found solace in their continued presence.

Infographic: When Someone Dies Can They Come Back to See You?

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