7 Spiritual Meanings of Tears from Right Eye and Left Eye


Throughout history, tears have been perceived as a significant and potent aspect of the human experience. They serve as a means of expressing emotions such as sorrow, joy, and a range of other sentiments.

In numerous spiritual practices, tears are believed to hold a deeper and more significant significance. It is believed that they have a connection to the spiritual realm that goes beyond simply expressing emotions.

In this article, we will explore the diverse spiritual meanings of tears shed from the right and left eye.


Key Takeaways

  • Tears from the right eye are believed to signify happiness or an end to sadness and suffering in many spiritual traditions. It is seen as a release of positive emotions and a sign of joy or relief.
  • Tears from the left eye are often associated with grief, pain, and negative emotions in spiritual contexts. Crying from the left eye is interpreted as shedding tears of sorrow, anguish, or mourning.
  • The symbolic meanings attached to tears from each eye vary across different cultures and belief systems. However, a common thread is that the right eye’s tears signify positivity, while the left eye’s tears represent negativity or emotional turmoil.

The Spiritual Meaning of Tears

Tears are a profound expression of the soul’s deepest emotions, allowing us to release pent-up feelings and find solace in life’s difficulties.

On a spiritual level, tears represent purification, cleansing the spirit and providing a pathway for healing, growth, and connection with the divine.

1) Purification of the soul

According to spiritual beliefs, tears serve as a means of releasing emotions. They aid in processing difficult feelings such as sorrow, fury, and anxiety. Additionally, they can alleviate stress and strain, allowing us to release negative energy and move forward.

One way to interpret tears is as a method of spiritual purification that aids in releasing negative karma and beginning anew.

2) Humility

The concept of humility is often associated with tears in spirituality. Tears symbolize our vulnerability and our willingness to seek assistance from higher forces. They also demonstrate our willingness to be guided and supported by the divine.

Through shedding tears, we are able to release our sense of self-importance and self-centeredness, thus allowing us to become more receptive to the insights and direction of the universe.

3) Awakening to one’s spirituality

In numerous spiritual practices, tears are associated with spiritual enlightenment or awakening. They can symbolize a stronger bond with the divine or a heightened comprehension of existence. In addition, shedding tears can represent the release of outdated patterns and convictions, creating space for new ones.

Using tears can be a potent method for personal and spiritual growth.

4) How to Connect with the Ultimate Power

Crying can also be viewed as a means of connecting with the divine. It enables us to express our desires, fears, and aspirations. Additionally, tears can be utilized to seek assistance and direction from God, or to express gratitude for blessings received.

By allowing tears to flow from our eyes, we can open ourselves to the power and wisdom of the universe working through us.

5) Appreciating oneself

In numerous spiritual beliefs, tears are viewed as a symbol of thankfulness and recognition. Shedding tears can represent appreciation for positive experiences and serve as a reminder to value what we have.

The concept can also symbolize a dedication to a spiritual ideology or routine and serve as a reminder to remain on our spiritual journey.

6) Displaying Kindness and Compassion

The shedding of tears can also serve as an indication of one’s empathy and concern for others. It can be a display of our ability to empathize with the pain and struggles of others and our desire to support and show affection towards them.

Additionally, it can serve as a reminder to treat ourselves with tenderness and understanding, encouraging us to be gentle and compassionate towards ourselves.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Right Eye Watering

According to the initial spiritual explanation, if you have water in your right eye, it could mean that there is no longer any hope left. This indicates that you have lost faith in your ability to achieve success.

After putting in a considerable effort and enduring for an extended period, you may find yourself unable to escape negative patterns, despite your attempts to do so.

If you observe that your right eye is starting to tear up, it suggests that you are losing faith in achieving success or breaking that negative behavior.

Moreover, there is a symbolic significance associated with tearing of the right eye that relates to the inability to focus. Have you ever experienced the struggle of trying to concentrate on the future while your right eye is watering? If you haven’t, it is worth paying attention to.

Next time your right eye starts to tear up, take a moment to reflect on questions that can guide you back to the right path. This is an indication that external issues are hindering your ability to recognize the potential opportunities in front of you.

The symbolic significance of tearing in the right eye varies based on an individual’s experiences and self-perception.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Left Eye Watering

If your left eye begins to produce tears, it is important to pause and inquire, “Why?” This is because your left eye should not be tearing up without a reason. Tears should only be present in your eyes if you are feeling either sadness or joy.

If your left eye does not produce tears due to either of those emotional energies, it could be a sign of a spiritual search for answers. In the realm of spirituality, water is believed to offer clarity to individuals.

According to a myth, when your soul sends water to your left eye, it is believed to cleanse and improve your vision. It is said that people often receive answers after the water in their left eye has dried.

Spiritual Meanings of Tears From the Right Eye

According to spiritual beliefs, when tears are shed from the right eye, they are believed to convey divine messages. If one experiences a sudden outpouring of tears from their right eye, it is likely that one or more of the spiritual interpretations discussed in this article may be the cause.

1) Best of luck

According to spiritual beliefs, the shedding of tears from the right eye is seen as a symbol of good fortune. This is because the right eye is associated with the eye of Horus, a deity known for bringing luck. So, if you happen to experience this phenomenon, it could be interpreted as a potential spiritual indication of good luck.

This indicates that a positive event is on the horizon, which will bring you great happiness and possibly move you to tears.

2) Your goal is to become healthy

According to ancient beliefs, the right eye is associated with the eye of Horus which symbolizes healing from a divine source in the spiritual realm. Thus, if one sees the eye of Horus in a dream or as a spiritual indication, it is believed that their physical well-being will improve. In other words, a tear in the right eye is seen as a desire for good health.

Furthermore, it serves as a symbolic indication that one will have eternal health. There is a belief that shedding a tear from the right eye brings healing energy from the eye of Horus to the individual.

3) An Internal Transformation

According to belief, when tears flow from the right eye, it is considered a physical indication of a personal transformation. It is commonly thought that this action signifies the release of long-held misconceptions and beliefs that have hindered an individual’s growth.

If your right eye is experiencing watering, it should be taken with seriousness as it indicates a change and transformation internally.

According to the Bible, this is referred to as the work of the spirit within or a transformation through the word of God. Therefore, it is important to allow the tears to subside naturally. Once this occurs, the process is complete.

4) Your desire is for someone

Did you know it’s possible to feel the absence of someone without consciously acknowledging it? The cosmos may provide a subtle indication by causing your right eye to shed a tear.

When a person comes to mind and a tear falls from your right eye, it signifies that you long for them. It is completely normal to feel this way. The tear can serve as a reminder to reach out to the person. If they are in close proximity, you can reminisce and catch up. However, if they are distant, it may be a good idea to give them a call and check in on them.

5) Strength is required

Within the spiritual sphere, the right eye represents the internal battles and victories. However, if there is an issue with your right eye, it serves as a spiritual sign that you are lagging in the struggle and a warning that you may be losing the battle.

The symbol of the Horus eye was believed to signify victory in battle. In terms of spirituality, this was associated with the right eye.

When your right eye starts to tear up, it serves as a warning that you are on the verge of losing the battle and must become stronger in order to persevere. This indication is a guarantee from the universe that you will discover the necessary fortitude to overcome.

6) The Power of Spiritual Vision

When a vision is about to occur, tears may appear in your right eye. This indicates that your spiritual eyes are about to open and a spiritual vision is on the horizon.

At times, prophets may experience this phenomenon, along with individuals who are not accustomed to perceiving spiritual matters.

7) Moving on from the past

The burden of your past will be lifted when tears fall from your right eye. When you have clung onto past memories for an extended period, they will naturally release when tears stream from your right eye. This allows you to move forward in life without any lingering negativity.

Spiritual Meanings of Tears From the Left Eye

Tears shed from the left eye are believed to hold deep spiritual significance in many cultures and traditions. They are often associated with releasing pent-up emotions, cleansing the soul, and finding inner peace.

In Hinduism, it is said that tears from the left eye signify sadness from the past or current life, while tears from the right eye represent the pain carried over from previous lives. Some believe that left eye tears are shed for our loved ones, reflecting our emotional bonds and connections.

In certain Native American traditions, the left eye is known as the “unveiling eye” and its tears represent truthful emotions and vulnerability. Many interpret tears from the left eye as the body’s way of purging negative energy and finding renewal.

So, these tears are seen as a powerful expression of one’s spiritual and emotional journey towards healing and enlightenment.

Interpretation of Tears from the Left and Right Eye in the Bible

The Bible discusses tears in various contexts, each with its own significance. Some instances include:

1) Tears for remorse

According to the Bible, tears can indicate repentance and a desire to reform for one’s wrongdoing. In Psalm 51:17, David affirms that God does not reject a humble and remorseful heart, for it is the true offering to Him.

2) Sad Tears

In the book of Isaiah 38:5, it is mentioned that King Hezekiah expressed intense emotion and distress upon learning of his impending death through tears. This illustrates how tears can convey feelings of sadness and mourning.

3) Tears of Joy

Tears can also indicate joy and gratitude. In the Bible, specifically in John 11:35, Jesus shed tears while standing by the grave of his dear friend Lazarus. However, his tears were not solely a result of sorrow, but also a reflection of his deep affection towards Lazarus.

4) Crying for help

According to Exodus 32:11-14, tears can also indicate an appeal made to God for the sake of others. In this passage, Moses pleads with God to spare the lives of the Israelites despite their act of idolatry.

5) Crying can also be an indication of your concern and understanding towards others

In the book of Matthew 9:36, Jesus was filled with compassion upon seeing the large crowd of people. As a result, he proceeded to heal those who were sick among them.

Spiritual Meaning of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can signify more than just a physical condition – they may also carry spiritual symbolism. If your eyes are lacking moisture, it could represent a period of stagnation or dryness in your spiritual life.

Your spiritual surroundings feel barren, like a desert devoid of sustenance or growth. This dryness could indicate a lack of spiritual perception or intuition guiding you at the present moment.

However, it’s important to note that this spiritual dryness is neutral, neither positive nor negative – it simply represents a temporary pause or resting period on your spiritual journey.

Like the cycles of nature, spiritual dryness allows you to go inward, conserve energy, and prepare for the next fertile phase of spiritual unfoldment.

Embrace this phase with patience and self-compassion, for the rains of spiritual nourishment will return when the time is right.

Final Words

Individuals who shed tears from their right eye are known to possess a strong spiritual awareness and heightened sensitivity. It should not be dismissed as a common occurrence, as it may hold a significant message from the spirit realm intended for you.

According to the Bible, tears typically indicate a powerful emotional reaction, such as grief, regret, happiness, prayer, or empathy.

Demonstrating humility and reliance on God, as well as showcasing a close and intimate relationship with Him, are all ways in which these actions can reveal one’s faith.

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